How to deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder during COVID season

How to deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder during COVID season

For much of us, winter means much shorter days, longer nights and less time spent outdoors– and if you experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), that do not have of daytime can lead to a lack of energy or reduced interest in your favorite activities. Some people experience insomnia, stress and anxiety or perhaps depression as a result of the annual modification of seasons.
Seasonal depression would be hard enough on its own, but this year were also handling a global pandemic and continued civic unrest. Much of the activities that got us out of the home throughout the summer– long strolls, outside dining– become harder and less rewarding during the colder months, and were all going to need to work a bit more difficult to avoid seclusion and remain connected to individuals we love.
How can you handle the unfavorable ideas, sleep disruptions and low state of minds associated with this seasonal anxiety while likewise browsing the continuous stresses of COVID? We reached out to Meredith Prescott, a certified medical social employee who helps young people and couples browse relationships, stress and anxiety and chronic disease; and Anjani Amladi, a board-certified psychologist who recently authored a childrens picture book, When the World Got Sick, to help children and their parents speak about the challenges COVID has brought into their lives.
So, what is seasonal affective condition and how can you avoid it during COVID? Heres how these specialists suggest staving off seasonal anxiety and practicing self-care throughout what may otherwise seem like the darkest days of the year.

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Get quality sleep
Want another inexpensive-but-effective tool for fending off SAD throughout a seasonal modification? “Get quality sleep,” states Prescott. Poor-quality sleep can impact whatever from mood to energy levels, and remaining in a consistent state of sleep deprivation can have unfavorable impacts on your immune system and your ability to manage stress– both of which are important throughout an international pandemic. Increased sleep can assist SAD sufferers feel more energized and alert throughout the day.
While increased sleep itself does not necessarily get rid of the reasons for seasonal affective disorder, getting great sleep may make the impacts of SAD simpler to manage. If youre having trouble winding down in the evening, consider an assisted meditation (like the ones in Aaptiv and other apps) to assist you get into the best headspace for sleep– and dont ignore other sleep hygiene suggestions like “keep your bed room cool, dark and peaceful” and “avoid screens prior to bedtime.”
Heres another sleep pointer: Since your bodys body clock is currently affected by the lack of daytime, its extra essential to adhere to a consistent bedtime and wake-up schedule, even on weekends. “Maintain a routine,” says Amladi, “consisting of awakening at a good time.” That method, your body will understand when its time to sleep and when its time to get up– even without the assistance of external cues like sunshine– and you may even sleep more soundly.
Stay connected to loved ones
Another method to manage the stresses of both COVID and SAD is by reaching out to your loved ones. “Its crucial to stay connected to loved ones, even if its only possible to see them essentially,” states Amladi. “Humans are wired for interaction and generally do refrain from doing well in isolation.” Sign in with the individuals you care about, and see what happens if you give yourself adequate time to talk about whats essential to you– whether thats your struggles to get used to the lack of sunlight or the way your kids are showing durability throughout these unprecedented times.
While many of us are doing our finest to remain connected to pals and family over Skype, Zoom and FaceTime, some people are likewise searching for safe methods to fulfill up with liked ones face to face. “Go for a walk outside,” suggests Prescott, “or have supper outside with heating systems pending your convenience level.” The CDC has standards for decreasing the risks associated with outdoor gatherings, including spacing chairs a minimum of six feet apart, wearing masks when less than 6 feet from other individuals and bringing your own food and drink. If you plan on conference with other individuals outdoors, attempt to put as lots of risk-reduction methods into play as possible– and keep in mind that these methods will decrease, but not completely eliminate, the possibility of transferring COVID-19.
Seek psychological health support
Our specialists offered one more piece of suggestions for dealing with seasonal depression– and thats to look for expert mental health assistance. “Talking to someone who is an unbiased party can aid with production of coping abilities, offer additional support, and can also help with identification of unfavorable thought patterns that might be negatively affecting you,” Amladi explains.
Discovering a therapist can feel daunting, but there are numerous online resources to help you get begun with treatment– and there are also plenty of telemedicine services that can help you arrange a mental health visit without leaving your home. Thats one method to make the process of getting mental health assistance less difficult– and a good method to help you get the treatment you require.
As you consider your options, keep in mind that seasonal affective disorder generally does not last forever. Though the results of SAD might feel a bit harder to bear this year, bear in mind that the days will soon begin to lengthen and well all get a bit more chance to hang out in the sun. Until then, take care of yourself, stay linked to individuals you like and attempt to bring as much light into your everyday life as possible.

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Invest in light therapy tools
If you cant get a lot of natural light in your home, arent able to go outdoors during the day and/or continue to experience the effects of SAD even after exposing yourself to everyday sunlight, it might be time to consider light therapy. Prescott agrees: “Purchase a light box.
Youre probably already acquainted with the idea of the “SAD light,” but you may not understand the particular requirements associated with an efficient light therapy tool– or how to take full advantage of the benefits of phototherapy. “The method light boxes work is that the light passes through the eye stimulating retinal cells while doing so, which links to the hypothalamus in the brain, which helps to manage melatonin and serotonin levels in the body which are helpful for sleep and mood,” Amladi describes. “You will need a light box that is 10,000 lux to be efficient.”
Once you have your 10,000 lux light box, sit near your box in the morning to mimic direct exposure to sunlight. Amladi suggests sitting 2 feet away from your light box and seeing it from an angle. “It is not essential or recommended to look straight at the light.”
If you are on medications that are photosensitive or have health conditions that are impacted by light exposure, Amladi suggests seeking advice from with your doctor prior to using a light box– and if youre planning to buy a light therapy gadget online, utilize a relied on review website like Wirecutter or CNET to guarantee that youre getting a high-quality tool.
Take a Vitamin D supplement
Outdoor activity might be hard throughout a COVID winter, and light treatment boxes can be costly– but one budget-and-quarantine-friendly way to combat the results of winter season SAD is by taking a daily vitamin D supplement. “Vitamin D shortage is really typical, specifically throughout the fall and winter season,” Amladi explains. Since sunshine is among our main sources of vitamin D, taking a non-prescription supplement can restore some of the vitamin D you may be losing out on.
” Over-the-counter supplements are fairly inexpensive, and can offer considerable benefits with regard to mood and general physical health,” states Amladi. “As with all medications and possible interventions, speak with your medical professional to determine what techniques are right for you.”

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Let natural light into your house
” Seasonal affective condition is connected to modifications in light throughout the fall and winter months, particularly shorter days which indicates a decrease in sunshine,” Amladi told us. To make the many of the minimal sunlight exposure a number of us experience throughout the winter season months, your first concern should be to let as much natural light into your home as possible.
Both Amladi and Prescott recommended opening window blinds and curtains throughout daytime hours to avoid the winter season blues. If the weather is warm enough, Prescott suggests opening some of your windows as well– that method, you get the advantages of both sunshine and fresh air.
What if the weather does not look especially bright? Open those blinds and bring up those window shades anyway. Our bodies react to sunshine even throughout a cloudy day, and getting natural light into your home is among the finest methods to increase your everyday sunshine direct exposure and aid combat the results of SAD signs.
Go outside during the day
In addition to getting as much natural light into your home as possible, you can likewise maximize your sunshine direct exposure and stave off SAD symptoms by going outside throughout daytime hours. Yes, the weather condition is getting cooler (and, in lots of cases, wetter)– so youll desire to dress appropriately when you go outside.
Our specialists both advise prioritizing exercise, by the method– especially outside workout throughout daylight hours, if you can go outdoors securely. It may be difficult to stabilize daytime workout with the demands of working, parenting and online schooling, but if you can go outside and get active for even a short duration throughout the day, the results should be worth the effort when battling winter SAD.
” Exercise regularly even if its just 15 minutes a day,” Prescott recommends. Eligible Haven Term insurance policy holders who have access to Haven Life Plus can utilize physical fitness and meditation app Aaptiv to find house workouts that can be done outdoors and/or inside– and if you do plan to work out within, think about working out in a room with a great deal of natural light.

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Till then, take care of yourself, stay linked to the people you enjoy and try to bring as much light into your everyday life as possible.

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