Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

Do not offer personal, monetary or any other identifying details to a telephone caller.

Identity theft can have enduring, harmful results. Here are some manner ins which identity theft can trigger harm:.

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Insurance coverage details might be taken and used for medical services, causing the policy reaching the maximum payout. A social security number can be utilized to open brand-new charge account or request a loan, tanking the victims credit rating. Worse yet, criminal offenses might be devoted utilizing a stolen identity, leaving the victim with a criminal record..


Anybody with info worrying insurance scams or automobile theft can report it anonymously by calling toll-free 800. TEL.NICB ( 800.835.6422) or sending a kind on our site.

Blog courtesy of the National Insurance Crime Bureau..

Do not supply personal, financial or any other identifying information to a telephone caller.

During Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), will be sharing tips like these and more to keep our customers and members prepared..

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