Live webcast – Reinsurance: The data driven future

Live webcast – Reinsurance: The data driven future

Were hosting another live webcast in addition to our sister publication Reinsurance News on November 4th, with the discussion set to be focused on making use of technology within the reinsurance industry and the importance of information as a driver of future innovation.This webcast is being held in association with our webcast partner Genpact.
During the webcast, entitled “Reinsurance: The data driven future”, which is being relayed live on November 4th at 3pm UK time (11am ET) and will likewise be available on-demand to registrants, you can hear our panellists discussing the data-driven future of the reinsurance market.
Please sign up today to go to and enjoy live, or to see it on-demand if you can not make the set up broadcast timing.
The push for effectiveness, digitalisation and development in reinsurance, along with the increasing availability of advanced technological options, promise to transform market operations and the way company is underwritten.
Throughout the webcast, topics discussed will include: the technological maturity of the insurance and reinsurance market; the importance of robust information and being able to use it efficiently; what reinsurers can do to remain up to speed with tech developments; how technology will drive patterns in matching risk and capital effectively; and panellists viewpoints on how the future reinsurance landscape might look as technology continues to be adopted at speed. Register here.

Mediator: Steve Evans, Owner & & Editor, Reinsurance News and Artemis.
There will be an opportunity for live questions & & answers (Q&A) towards the end of this webcast session.
Expect a dynamic conversation on the role of innovation in driving development in the market and the future of reinsurance.
Register today to participate in. The webcast will also be offered to watch on-demand, so if you can not go to the live broadcast you will likewise be able to see the conversation at your leisure if signed up.

Sameer Dewan, Global Business and Digital Transformation Leader for Insurance, Genpact.
Vasco Nunes, Lead, Data Platform and Operations, Swiss Re.
Sean Bourgeois, Founder & & CEO, Tremor Technologies Inc
. One more panellist tbc.

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