Cat bond & related ILS issuance nears annual record, now over $16.1bn

Cat bond & related ILS issuance nears annual record, now over $16.1bn

It puts the catastrophe bond and related ILS market on-track to break most of its records in 2021, as its now clear we will see in 2015s record total beaten and this year is already the second greatest, both for all of the issuance we track in our Deal Directory along with for pure home feline bonds.
Sources suggest that the fourth-quarter might see a flurry of brand-new catastrophe bonds provided towards year-end, while the pipeline is also stated to be strong for the start of 2022 also.
The record set last year for pure 144A residential or commercial property catastrophe bonds stands at just over $11 billion, so we anticipate that overall will also be beaten in 2021.
Well upgrade you when records are set and you can stay tuned to Artemis for news of every disaster bond and related ILS deal that concerns market, as well as information of other ILS structures consisting of reinsurance sidecars.
You can see information on every disaster bond provided so far in 2021 and all previous years, totalling over 750 problems, in the Artemis Deal Directory.
Keep up-to-date with the makeup of the catastrophe bond and ILS market using the Artemis Catastrophe Bond & & ILS Market Dashboard, developed to be a simple and reliable tool offering key data and data on every deal (there are 750+) consisted of in our disaster bond & & ILS Deal Directory.
Analyse the existing breakdown of the market in our variety of charts, permitting you to view essential data on the cat bond market.

Disaster bond and insurance-linked securities (ILS) brand-new issuance continues apace in 2021, with the overall released and tracked by Artemis so far this year now above $16.1 billion, suggesting a brand-new annual issuance record is expected to be reached imminently.Issuance of new catastrophe bonds and the other related insurance-linked securities (ILS) that we track here at Artemis has actually now surpassed $16.1 billion, with the recent conclusion of the brand-new US wildfire catastrophe bond for energy Sempra Energy.
Catastrophe bond market activity has been particularly strong through 2021 up until now, as ILS financier hunger for feline mutual fund broadened and sponsors significantly rely on the capital markets for reinsurance and retrocession.
That has actually assisted issuance of pure 144A residential or commercial property catastrophe bonds reach nearly $10 billion year-to-date.
In addition, cat bonds covering health, life or specialized lines have actually reached $470 million, personal cat bonds and ILS have already exceeded in 2015s overall at nearly $740 million and home mortgage ILS issuance is nearing $5 billion.
Analyse feline bond and ILS issuance information using our interactive charts.

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