ESG importance in ILS to grow: HSBC’s Mackay & Ly

ESG importance in ILS to grow: HSBC’s Mackay & Ly

The importance of environmental, social & & governance (ESG) will grow for the insurance-linked securities (ILS) market and waterfall through to the service company level too, according to HSBC executives we interviewed recently.In the next in our series of sponsor showcase video interviews for the upcoming Artemis ILS NYC 2022 conference (held April 22nd in New York City), we welcomed Tom Mackay, Senior Vice President and Vivian Ly, Client Relationship Manager, both from one of our Silver sponsors for the conference, international banking group HSBC.
HSBC is one of the biggest banking groups in the world and uses a range of services that are used within ILS transactions, not least escrow and business trust, as well as adjacently throughout the insurance and reinsurance world.
With its worldwide scale, its constantly intriguing to hear the views of a significant player in financing on a niche sector like insurance-linked securities.
Tom and Vivian talked about a range of problems with us throughout this interview, however one highlight of the interview is HSBCs expectation that the significance of ecological, social & & governance (ESG) will grow for the ILS market and waterfall through to the service supplier level.
Mackay described, “ESG is everything youre finding out about these days in the ILS market whichs not going away, thats just going to grow.
” We think that drives the requirement for extra openness in the risks that are being transferred, so the financiers can see the ESG qualities of that.
” Were hearing more and more from our customers about what type of alternatives there are for them to invest the collateral thats posted in these deals, so what sort of ESG cash market funds are available and things like that.
” We even think, and were beginning to see a little trend towards this, that it will equate into the provider like ourselves, what are our ESG credentials and how are we responding to those requirements.
” In short ESG I think is just starting. Weve heard a lot about it, but a lot more to come.”
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